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  • At Some Point You Have to Shut Up and Trust Your Attorney
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    “If your in for the legal battle of yours and your children's life, at some point your going to have to live with your decision on the attorney you picked. You will be in too deep to turn back or change counsel and you will reach the jumping off point where you will have no choice but to trust your attorney and stop trying to steer his every decision. At some point you will have to step back and let him do the job you hired him to do. Without a doubt, Cory is the attorney you want talking to your Judge, GAL and the other attorney from the very beginning(not you!). I have been back to Court through the years with custody issues and Cory and Badesch Abramovitch and Natalie Darcy are a top notch firm that knows how to give their clients the best shot at an outcome they can be happy with. Cory has represented me for years(as a result of recurring issues) and the results he has delivered time and again are nothing less than the best. Don't believe those bad reviews, look no further than Cory and B&A. Hiring Cory and the money I've spent while legal battles aren't cheap was best decision I've ever made.”


  • I cannot say enough good things about my representation by Cory Blalock.
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    “I cannot say enough good things about my representation by Cory Blalock. I am very pleased and feel extremely fortunate to have experienced his expertise. Cory displayed excellent professionalism throughout the entire case. He responded promptly to all my calls, emails, various questions and concerns. I highly recommend Cory Blalock.”


  • Thanks to Ms. McKinnon, she is very reliable, smart, and caring. I highly recommend her.
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    “Thanks to Ms. McKinnon, I was able to navigate an interstate child support case and gain support and retroactive support for my child. She is very reliable, smart, and caring. I highly recommend her.”

    Former Client

  • I feel I made a great decision and would highly recommend Tina Abramovitch to anyone.
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    “I met with Tina in February 2010 when I decided to file for divorce. I interviewed a couple of other lawyers but I felt most comfortable with her. From the initial free consultation to the final court date in August of this year, Tina was very professional. She kept me updated on things as they moved along and her fee (I believe) was reasonable for her services. Her staff was always helpful and responsive--particularly Natalie and Vickie-- if I had questions about anything. There were snags and delays due to my ex-husband's incompetent counsel, and after awhile, it became a running joke between the two of us. But Tina did more than her share of prodding and pushing to keep the proceedings on track as best she could and for that I am grateful. She offered sound advice but followed my wishes. She fought for what I wanted and I was extremely pleased with the result. For the first (and last) experience in hiring a divorce lawyer, I feel I made a great decision and would highly recommend Tina Abramovitch to anyone. In my final QDRO settlement, I received what amounted to a 70% return on my money (in legal fees). Not a bad investment for 18 months of my life!”


  • She truly cares and is very helpful.
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    “I would highly recommend this attorney. She truly cares and is very helpful. I was under a lot of stress for a long time even though I had an attorney working on my case for two YEARS. But when she took over it was a big relief and the case was finish after two months of hiring her I'm am very satisfied with the result.”


  • Tina is a huge part of my support system as I go through the trials and tribulations of divorce.
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    “I cannot thank Tina enough for everything she has done for me. She has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions. My ex-husband is a very difficult person who is constantly playing games and trying to manipulate the system. He is an attorney and tries to use that to his advantage. Tina has always been one step ahead of him. We have been to court at least a dozen times over the past three years and we have never lost. When I was first going through the process, I just wanted to be out of the marriage and was willing to give up a lot. Tina gave me very good advice and encouraged me to fight. Three years later I can't thank her enough for encouraging me. Had I not listened to her advice my son and I would not be doing nearly as well as we are today. Tina is a huge part of my support system as I go through the trials and tribulations of divorce. There have been multiple times where I have emailed Tina in a panic at night or on the weekend and she has replied right away. I believe she goes way above and beyond the call of duty. I also believe her rates are very competitive. I did a lot of research on different law firms and none came close to offering the service I got with Tina at the rates I was receiving. She is good at delegating work out to paralegals and/or other attorney's when possible in order to reduce my cost, yet she still is managing the case and answering all my questions as they come about. I am constantly giving Tina referrals and will continue to do so.”


  • The attorney you need and want
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    “I retained Tina after interviewing numerous attorneys and she was by far the best. She gets down to the facts and understands the law, but more importantly helps you understand the law and your options. I highly recommend her for anyone going through a contentious custody or divorce case. She knows how to deal with very difficult opposing counsels and unreasonable opposing parties. She listened to my needs and answered all of my questions (there were many) and she was never too busy for me. Tina helped me get through a difficult process and at the end of it all I was happy with the outcome. Hire Tina and you won’t be disappointed.”


  • I will always cherish the day that I went to say thank you for her services
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    “Divorce is not easy and finding an honest lawyer is even harder. My best friend gave me Tina's name and number my first surprise was how quickly she called me back. I was so nervous and unsure I canceled on her twice so I was surprised that she would even see me when I called the third time. When we met she told me what I needed to know not what I wanted and to hear. I retained her services just in case, and thank God I did because when the bottom fell out she was there and moved quickly to file on my behalf. I would get my information quickly if not the same day they received it I would received it the next day. If I didn't understand something there was always someone to explain it to me. Her team is also very kind, understanding and very helpful. Tina makes sure you understand that she will tried her best to get you the most. She doesn't promise something she can't deliver and I respect that. At the end I got the best outcome and a refund, who has ever heard of a lawyer giving you back money? Not me!!!! It was a nice surprise. Although I ended up using the refund so that she could represent me again it was worth it because I received a positive outcome. l love the fact that she knows what she is great at and who on her team can do it better. I can go on and on, on how happy I am with Tina's services. I will always cherish the day that I went to say thank you for her services, how the team came out and said goodbye and wished me the best. So if you need a lawyer I would highly recommend Tina Abramovitch and her firm.”


  • To sum it up she went above and beyond for my family and I.
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    “When I first spoke with Tina she came off as experienced and confident about what she could do for me. My divorce/custody case was complicated with a very unreasonable exwife. Tina (herself) was there for me every step of the way. Not only did she win for me but she also got things entered that I didn't even realize I could get. To sum it up she went above and beyond for my family and I. Thank you Tina!”


  • A Very Good Firm
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    “A very good firm. Liked working with William Mcsureley. They are on top of your case.”


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