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Paternity is intimately related to all family law matters that involve children. It will impact child support, custody, and visitation rights, and as such it is important to work with a skilled Chicago family law attorney if you need help establishing or contesting paternity. Abramovitch Blalock & McKinnon, LLC offers representation in paternity-related matters based upon over 50 years of legal experience.

Paternity test

A paternity lawyer at our firm can help if:

  • You have been pursued for child support for a child you do not believe is yours.
  • You need to establish paternity to seek support.
  • You want to obtain custody or visitation rights and need to establish paternity to do so.
  • You want to challenge a custody claim by disputing paternity.
  • You want to legally establish paternity to avoid any future conflicts or issues.

To learn more about paternity and how this influences your rights and responsibilities, call (312) 372-1639.

Proof Is Required to Establish Paternity

In Illinois, a man is presumed the natural father of a child if:

  • The man and the birth mother were married at the time that the child was conceived or born;
  • The man and the birth mother were married after the child’s birth and the man’s name is listed on the birth certificate (with the man’s consent);
  • The man and the birth mother signed a paternity or parentage acknowledgement.

When it comes to disputes related to child support, custody, or visitation, presumption alone is not enough to establish paternity. DNA testing is required to legally establish paternity and therefore a man’s rights and responsibilities in relation to a child.

If you need help with any type of paternity dispute or other family law matter, our firm stands ready to offer knowledgeable guidance and compassionate support. These cases can be complex and emotional, and we want to offer the level of counsel that will bring you peace of mind in knowing that your rights are protected to the fullest extent.

Call a Chicago paternity attorney at (312) 372-1639 to discuss your unique case and needs.

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