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In these unprecedented times, Abramovitch, Blalock & McKinnon remains committed to putting its clients first. It seems that everyday there are new recommendations made by the government to combat this crisis. During this period of social distancing, limitation of in-person meetings and practicing self-quarantine, our office is adjusting how we go about the practice of law and how we represent our clients. For now, our attorneys are working from their homes and remain fully operational on a remote basis.

Our technology allows the firm to be in contact with each other, to be in contact with clients and to continue working on their behalf. Should you need to contact your assigned lawyer, please call him or her at (312) 372-1639 or email them directly.

We also continue to accept new cases during this time. We continue to be able to file petitions with the Court and secure future dates in order to avoid further delay in seeking the relief that our clients need. We continue to offer free consultations so do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

Abramovitch, Blalock & McKinnon will continue to work hard on your cases. We understand how much the matter you’ve entrusted to us means to you. We will continue to strive to resolve your case quickly and efficiently as possible given these trying circumstances. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We will keep you informed of any updates necessitated by the CDC during these challenging times. And please stay safe, keep your family healthy and know that this will improve with time.

Very truly yours and best wishes,

Abramovitch, Blalock & McKinnon